Rock And Colors 1 y 2 in English Language



Author: Ana Ramos.
Illustrators: Various (see description).
Themes: music, art, equality, creativity, children, for parents.
Number of pages: 200 (100 Rock And Colors 1 + 100 Rock and Colors 2).
Dimensions: 25 x 17 cm.

Shipping: FREE in Spain. Copy dedicated by the author to the customer, it is not possible to return it once the purchase has been made in this web.

Index of Rock And Colors 1: Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Gloria Gaynor, Hans Zimmer, Icona Pop, Jimi Hendrix, Kylie Minogue, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Nirvana, Olivia Newton-John, Prince, Queen Latifah, The Rolling Stones, Sade, The Beatles, Ultra Naté, Van Halen,  Whitney Houston,  XXXTentacion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs y ZZ Top.

Index of Rock And Colors 2: Avicii, Björk, Chris Isaak, Destiny’s Child (Beyoncé), Elvis Presley, Florence and the Machine, George Michael, Haim, Iggy Pop, Janis Joplin, Kiss, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, Otis Redding, Patti Smith, Queen, Roxette, Stevie Wonder,  Tina Turner, U2, Vanessa Paradis, The Who, The XX, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) y Zara Larsson.

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2 essential and complementary books among them, Rock And Colors 1 y Rock And Colors 2.

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Madonna s

are some of the essential artists of music. These illustrated books for all audiences will bring you closer to 52 singers and music groups like an alphabet from A to Z alternating by letter a male and a female artist accompanied by links with audiovisual content. Together you will get a complete alphabet with 26 women and 26 men who have made their mark on music.

You will get to know the artists, find out which musical genres they dominated, learn about their curiosities, their essential songs and their essential records. In addition, this book contains all the illustrations in black and white ideal for children to relate to the artist by colouring them and for adults to relax by giving colour to their idols.

These two books encourage:

    • Equality between men and women in the world of music.
    • Musical culture in an entertaining way with 52 artist cards accompanied by their colour illustrations.
    • Creativity with illustrations for colouring.
    • Familiarization with the image of the artist and his music.


    • 52 pages about singers and bands.
    • 52 Colour Illustrations.
    • 52 Illustrations for colouring.
    • QR codes to 4 playlists on Youtube and Spotify with 312 selected songs.

Rock And Colors 1 and 2 have the cultural enrichment of 44 artists from 13 countries around the world who have collaborated with their illustrations.

Illustrators of ROCK AND COLORS 1 in alphabetical order:

África A.García Sierra, Anastasiya Yanovskaya, Brenda Niebles Angulo, Carolina Montes, Cliff Oliveira, Coral Molina, Daniela Miazzo, Daphne Legaspi, Edwin Vásquez Olaechea, Ester Ramos Retamero, Frankman Román, Jonás Jorna, Jose Eduardo Orozco Yaruro, Julieta Cuesta Hernando, Luis A. Parra Bustamante, Loredana Solomon, Mar Gómez Gómez, Miroslav Dzaja, Pablo César Urrutia Beltrán, Quique Postigo, Rafaela Luzgrady Moncada Hormazábal,  Rebeca Urrutia Crettier, Rodri Vazcano, Tania Luque Torres, Tarcisio Ferreira and Victoria Cañedo Sánchez.

Illustrators of ROCK AND COLORS 2 in alphabetical order:

Águeda Gol Lleonart, Alberto Miguel Cobos Ramírez, Anabel Najar, Anastasiya Yanovskaya, Aránzazu Galán, Brayan Viera, Bronte Rose Marando, Carolina Montes, Coral Molina, Daniel Doblas, Daphne Legaspi, Diego Alexis Arana Criado, Eva Areizaga Díaz, Evelin K Salazar, Jeicy Kelly Campos, John Anderson García Yepes, Jonathan Alexis Rodríguez, Manuel Santiago Franco, Naiara Zalbidea Merino, Raquel Durá Rameta, Santiago Menéndez Piñera, Tarcisio Ferreira and Teresa Flores.