Ben Goldstein

Singer-songwriter, Ben Goldstein hails from Sydney’s Bondi Beach amidst the sounds of artists such as John Butler Trio, Angus and Julia Stone and Lior. Growing up in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world exposed Ben to a broad range of multicultural music styles which would later play an important role in shaping his own music style.

Ben’s Melodic and harmonic taste and guitar playing has been influenced by many of the 60’s and 70’s legends such as america, Don clean and Crosby, Stills and Nash to name a few. The combination of these musical inspirations drove Ben to pick up the guitar and start exploring his own musical expressions and age 13.

Ben started performing in the local Sydney bar scene which has previously fostered other web know artists. In 2012 Ben made his way through the biggest cities in Europe busking to get by, meeting people and gathering musical ideas along the way. On making occasions finding him self leaving on the street which “adds to [his] drive to succeed in the music world.” 2014, returning to his Home ground, Ben began touring both as a solo artist and with The Barefoot Band, Chasing the summer with sounds and style. Working along side Aussie artist such as John Butler Trio and Lior, Ben quickly developed a name for him self.

In January 2015 ben mad his way to the middle east to explore different sounds and influences, thus leading to a tasteful combination of folk rock, blues, funk and middle eastern melodic contours. The wholesome sound of the acoustic guitar, affected strings and percussion, along side Ben’s presence makes for an extremely emotive and vibrant listening experience.


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