Fernando Aragonés, Animal Ventura

Growing up playing punk rock and reggae in noisy garage bands in Southern Brazil, Aragones ventured to Australia where the eclectic sounds of the Sydney music scene beckoned.

From skate parks to surf breaks, Aragones developed multiple fortes across his singer/songwriter passion, as a multi-instrumentalist, and live looping prodigy.

Australia was quick to notice, with live performances at numerous festivals and gigs, including tours of Brazil, Europe, UK and New Zealand, both in a solo capacity and in support of bands such as The Presets, Art v Science and The Beautiful Girls.

What sets Aragones apart is a unique ability to fuse his innate funk rhythms from his native South America, with, the alternative folk rock of the Australian coast, combined with the new wave of dub looping and his thirst for solid laid back beats. To top it off his smooth vocals hold strength and passion in their delivery.

The result is bringing together of the sounds of the musical genius of Stevie Wonder, Buena Visa Social Club and Sublime to a solid beat you can’t help but move your body to.

“I love how music can transport you to different times and places. Even more, that it can break boundaries between language, culture and race. It moves you, even if you’re standing still – That’s cool.” – Fernando Aragones

Bringing his passion for production to the forefront, Aragones created Animal Ventura. Fulfilling a desire to move dynamically from solo performance with an acoustic guitar and live looping to duos, trios, the magnetic power of a full live band, and back again. It’s dynamic, electric and soulful.

Animal Ventura takes the audience on an unforgettable journey of original music influenced from all parts of the globe in one powerful vibrant live set. It’s an experience not to be missed.



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