Papaya Tree

Since Papaya Tree’s conception almost two years ago, the band has left no venue untouched on their journey. Relentlessly playing gigs, writing songs and recording in preparation for their debut single Bamboo Schooner, set to be released in November 2017.

The boys in Papaya Tree are young, fresh and eager to please (if you’d let them).
Described as being sweeter than their namesake fruit, the six-piece came together through a number of unlikely situations, from a butcher shop to the school yard and university walls, eventually forming the full lineup from nearly every postcode in Sydney.

Due to the bands size, Papaya Tree have had the opportunity to create an eclectic mix of styles, taking elements from rock, funk, jazz and reggae to create their sound. Lacking in shame, spatial awareness and the ability to park cars, the band mates have formed a brand of music that can place a smile on the face of any listener with a performance that must be caught live.


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