Belinda Noel, Word of Mouth Guide

“Back in April I gathered 10 people in the pub and pitched my idea to create a word of mouth guide book to NSW.  “What, a book?” they exclaimed, “Not an app, not a website, not a video….a book!  Like an actual book?” Yes! I miss those days travelling, when you pitch-up somewhere, have no idea what to do – and ask for help and advice.  You end up in all sorts of pickles, nooks and hideout’s and most of all, adventure. This is our underground guide to this beautiful land that is New South Wales.”

This couldn’t have been done with out these key people.

Rob Older – Videomaker, blogger, surfer
Henry Brydon – We are explorers, adventurer, traveller, NSW expert
Dylan King – Conscious community, events, hangouts, Sydney specialist
Ed Dallimore – Photographer, camper, wine connoisseur
Jack Dow – Traveller, entrepreneur, travel start up website
Claudia Kettmann – Traveller, explorer, adventurer
Carlos Agamez Garcia – Artist, collaborator, graphic designer, human rights activist
Lachlan Humphreys – Adventurer, videographer, documentarist
Belinda Noel – Travel enthusiast, blogger, MICMAD
Alex Evans – Photographer, diver, mountain biker
Gery Kiryakova – Photographer, life lover, inspirer
Mitchell Ratcliffe – Instagrammer, Photographer, Shire boy, adventurer
Gus Armstrong – Photographer, humorist, legend, country boy
Elle Matula – Instagrammer, traveller, van life, inspirer


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