‘A hyperactive horn section, hook-driven bass lines, swagger guitars seamlessly interwoven with pan flute, didgeridoo and hypnotic percussive beats’ – the uprising sound of Nativösoul, the band that generates a booty-shaking rhythm with raw energy and uncontrollable skillful arrangements.

A troupe of SOULdiers part of a revolutionary movement that honours music as a universal language and healing force. Purveyors of feel-good Music, Nativösoul unleash rhythms whose influence range from Led Zeppelin to Sublime to Native Psychedelic Peruvian Music. With the release of their debut LP Pachamama Culturama, the band arrives with substance, style and a spirit that captures their unique mixture of elements that build bridges between past and present, writing songs using organic traditional sounds fused with loops and samples of their own live instruments.

This distinctive band features Angelo Francalanci, a guitarist with a bluesy voice that can suddenly turn from a soulful singer to an aggressive Rastafarian MC; a powerful rhythm section consisting of Juan Mulet, innovative on percussion with an ability to execute several styles; Tom Oliver, drumming through a fresh approach from the old school to contemporary world music; Amaru Ferrel, a flute wizard who fills up unknown spaces with his melodic arrangements; James Lloyd, an experienced bassist who makes the low frequencies shake the very foundations of every room. Their fiery live shows are as powerfully physical as they are deeply spiritual, working alongside German Autino (keyboard), Felipe Prandini (Sax) and Sean Valenzuela (keyboard) they are unstoppable party promoters releasing tons of positive energy.

With street experience and sorcery from their indigenous connections, these sonic conjurors use rhythms and thoughts juxtaposed, offering lyrics with an uplifting attitude towards life and social issues drawn from daily life struggles. “The band’s mission is to create music that inspires and represents a voice in society, one that can reach and relate to listeners around the world. These songs make you dance and stomp your feet, but also think and connect, carrying an encouraging message so people wake up wanting to enjoy life fully, respecting each other without destroying our mother earth”.

Adventurous and inquisitive, with no interest in chasing trends, the band is currently working on their sophomore full-length, demonstrating their diverse songwriting abilities while maintaining the upbeat rhythms of their debut album. Their contemporary grooves are still as vital as their shamanic influence, keeping traditional music alive through modern day interpretations.

With no regards for genre boundaries, Nativösoul is amongst the most modern bands in Australia today. While remaining faithful to their traditional influences and believing in the fact that language barrier in music context does not exist, they have designed their own sound and lyrics, expressing each song in a different way; poetical, mystical and unashamedly fighting against social differences with an anti-violence message. The band has toured nationally in 2016 and is fast gaining a popular following, delighting audiences with their well-crafted musical blend and captivating performances.



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